Séminaires / Seminars - 2018

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  • Kaoru Maruta & Hisahi Nakamura, 10 décembre 2018, IFS, Tohoku University, Japan, ICARE Orléans,
    «Microgravity combustion experiments for comprehensive limit theory» and «Kinetics study by micro flow reactor with temperature gradient.»

  • Marie Hénault, 7 décembre 2018, Post-Doctorante GREMI, France, ICARE Orléans,
    «Méthode de métrologie de nanoparticules.»

  • Pr Rémy Mével, 18 octobre 2018, Associate Professor, Center for Combustion Energy Tsinghua University, China, ICARE Orléans,
    «Detonation Structure in Mixtures with Non-monotonous Energy Release.»

  • Pr Jonathan Morrison, 3 octobre 2018, Department of Aeronautics Imperial College, London, U.K., Polytech Orléans,
    «Real-time Feedback Control for Drag Reduction.»

  • Pr Robert Pitz, 20 juillet 2018, Department of Mechanical Engineering Vanderbilt University, USA, ICARE Orléans,
    «Cellular Tubular Flames: A Model of Preferential Diffusion and Extinction in H2 Fueled Laminar and Turbulent Flames.»

  • Pr Franklin Goldsmith, 11 juillet 2018, School of Engineering Brown University, USA, ICARE Orléans,
    «Chemical kinetics of fuel-bound nitrogen below the thermal NOx limit.»

  • Isaac Ekoto, 4 juillet 2018, PI (Principal Investigator) à SANDIA National Laboratory, USA, PRISME Orléans,
    «Recent progress in transient plasma ignition and ozone-enhanced compression ignition research at Sandia National Laboratories.»

  • Pr Yasuo Moriyoshi, 20 avril 2018, Center for Power Source Research for Next-Generation Mobility Chiba University, Japon, Polytech’ Orléans,
    «Research activities on abnormal combustion in IC engines. Abstract: To improve thermal efficiency of SI engines, increase of compression ratio or turbo boosting causes abnormal combustion such as preignition and knocking. These phenomena have been analyzed in both experimental and theoretical methods.»

  • 2nde Réunion inter-LabEx, 28 février 2018, salle de conférence ICARE

  • Pr Madjid Birouk, 20 février 2018, Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Manitoba, Canada,
    « On the Combustion of Liquid Fuels: Droplets Vaporization and Combustion under Engine Conditions »

  • Pr Francesco Contino, 18 janvier 2018, Vrije Universiteit Brussel / BURN Research Group, Polytech’ Orléans,
    « Rapid Compression Machines: what is under the hood? »