Séminaires / Seminars - 2016

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  • Brian Peterson, 29 novembre 2016, Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Edinburgh, Polytech’ Orléans,
    « Extension of Laser Diagnostics towards Multi-dimensional and Multi-Parameter (Quantitative) Measurements in Piston Engines »

  • Pr Jeffrey Bergthorson, 17 novembre 2016, McGill University, Canada,
    « Metal fuels for zero-carbon heat and power »

  • Steven Brown, 26 mai 2016, Chemical Sciences Division, NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory Boulder Colorado, USA,
    « Nocturnal oxidation of biogenic VOC: new insights from nighttime aircraft measurements »

  • Laura Mertens, 15 mars 2016, PhD student, California Institute of Technology,
    « Does the Reaction of HO2 with NO Produce HONO2 and HOONO? »

  • Pr Knut Vaagsaether, 8 mars 2016, Associate Professor at UC of Southeast Norway,
    « Transition from deflagration to detonation (DDT) and detonation propagation in reactive layers: Experiments and simulations »

  • Alexandre Mangeot, 23 février 2016, Laboratoire PRISME, IUT de Bourges
    « Modélisation du Fonctionnement d'un Propulseur Spatial Hybride »