Proceedings of Conferences - 2015

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  • Coumar S, Joussot R, Lago V and Parisse J D, 'Influence of a plasma actuator on aerodynamic efforts over a flat plate interacting with a rarefied Mach 2 flow', In 50th International Applied Aerodynamics Conference, Toulouse (France), 30/03-01/04, 2015.

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  • Maurice G, Thiesset F, Mazellier N, Chauveau C, Gökalp I, Kourta A and Halter F, 'Ninth Mediterranean Combustion Symposium', Rhodes, Greece (2015).

  • Thiesset F, Maurice G, Halter F, Mazellier N, Chauveau C and Gökalp I, '15th International Conference on Numerical Combustion', Avignon, France (2015).