Cinétique chimique et Aérothermodynamique pour des Propulsions et des Systèmes Énergétiques Propres et Sûrs

The missions of Labex CAPRYSSES

Labex CAPRYSSES* (Chemical kinetics and aerothermodynamic for clean and safe propulsion and energy systems) aims to control the coupled phenomena related to chemical kinetics and fluid dynamics in order to improve the quality and safety of energy systems. These include :

These studies will be conducted under the conditions of thermal engines, land and aeronautical gas turbines, aerospace propulsion systems, hazardous situations related to chemical explosions.

These studies aim to contribute to several technological and socio-economic challenges, such as :

On the training side, CAPRYSSES relies on training strength of the University of Orleans and ENSI Bourges, such as :

Labex CAPRYSSES will enable a strong structuring on the Orleans-Bourges campus of the research potential for clean and safe energy and propulsion systems where studies on the interactions between chemical kinetics and fluid dynamics are essential. A strong link between training and research will exist.
CAPRYSSES will help to rationalize the use of the exceptional experimental platforms of its two partners, often unique in Europe.
By strengthening collaborations at national, European and international level (on the one hand towards the European Union and on the other hand to emerging countries such as China, India, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine , Turkey, Thailand, Colombia and the countries of North Africa in particular) and the sustainability of partnerships with the industrial and economic players in the fields concerned, CAPRYSSES aims to become the International Reference Center on "Chemical conversion Clean and safe energy ".

*Convention n° ANR-11-LABX-0006-01